(Starts with a dark screen and telephone ring).

About Me Frank Chodl, is a Psychic Medium, Artist, Author, and Lecturer. His award-winning art and photography has been published in brochures, books, magazines ads, and catalogs, and exhibited in shows and galleries around the world. 

An internationally recognized Psychic Medium, Frank has provided amazingly accurate psychic readings throughout his entire life. He has been observed by Psychologists, Parapsychologists, and Paranormal Investigators and has done readings for individuals and groups in private homes, historic inns and hotels, battlefields, cemeteries, the Forbidden City in Beijing, PRC, the Anasazi ruins in Colorado, Mayan ruins in the jungles of the Yucatan, and islands in the Bermuda Triangle. His seminar series, “Managing Your Innate Psychic Abilities,” is based on is 2016 book, “Connections: A Journey to Understanding.”

As a healer, Frank helps others on both sides of the veil to achieve closure and guidance in order to find that place within their selves where they can mend body, mind, and spirit. His new seminar series, “The Art of Awakening and Awareness: A creative program for personal inner discovery ," utilizes visual perception and artistic rendering to empower innate psychic abilities and promote inner spiritual healing.

To find out more about Frank and what he does, please watch the short documentary, "Mediums as a Coping Mechanism," by Cameron McCormack.